Welcome to the Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program!

Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Program leads the industry in protecting the environment. Now, we’re taking another step forward by simplifying our program to make it even easier and more convenient. Saving energy, managing resources and promoting policies that really make a difference -- it’s all part of our commitment to preserve the planet for generations to come.

If this is your first time visiting the new Clean Planet Program Website, click here to register for a new customer ID.  Once your account is verified and the log in information is provided, you will be able to order supplies via the website.

Here’s what you can expect in our latest Clean Planet initiatives:


  • Streamlined order processing: Log in with your customer ID and zip code to order boxes -- no need to re-enter all your information.
  • One stop recycling: All of your consumables, including toner cartridges, imaging units, waste toner bottles, developer units, drums, etc., can be placed into a mid-range collection box or large gaylord. Note: All brands of consumables can be included with your Konica Minolta material in mid-range collection boxes or gaylords.   ("Create Your Own Clean Planet Box" labels are still for use only with Konica Minolta branded material.)
  • Pre-labeled UPS boxes: If you choose our “Box Program” your boxes comes pre-labeled with UPS return information.  When a box is full, simply schedule a pick-up.
  • Online ordering and tracking: You can see the tracking number for all requested collection box kits and track the package via UPS so you know when your materials will arrive.
  • Online reporting: Monthly environmental reporting will show weight and units returned from your location.
  • Online label printing: Create Your Own Clean Planet Box Program returns will allow for online printing of UPS labels.
  • Online ordering: Requests for high-volume "Gaylord Program" pick-up requests. 


Clean Planet Overview

Clean Planet offers multiple programs to return consumables for ease of use. To lessen the environmental impact of shipping, we encourage you to select the program that most closely meets your monthly usage of cartridges and bottles.

Small and home office customers: “Create Your Own Clean Planet Box”

The Create your own Clean Planet Box is intended for customers who use less than 3 consumables per month. Simply consolidate at least 5 Konica Minolta consumables in your own spare box (any box that you have on hand is fine to use), affix the UPS shipping label after printing it from this website, and ship. Please note: The Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program is available to customers of Konica Minolta only. The create your own clean planet box accepts only Konica Minolta branded consumables. Konica reserves the right to refuse shipments that are not in compliance with the program guidelines and/or return shipments that do not comply at the expense of the sender. 

Mid-sized customers: “Box Program”

The Box Program is ideal for customers who utilize between 4 and 200 cartridges per month. Each order includes 3 individual recycling boxes that are designed to hold 10 to 15 items (when placed into the recycling box without the original packaging). The boxes come complete with pre-affixed return UPS labels. When a box is full, simply secure the liner with the included zip ties, tape the lid, and schedule a pick up through UPS.

High-volume customers: “Gaylord Program”

The Gaylord Program is specifically for customers who use a large volume of consumables each month (greater than 200 pieces) and have the space to use a 4’ by 4’ by 4’ gaylord. Konica Minolta can arrange for the delivery and pickup of recycling pallets that hold a larger quantity of consumable items. Customers who lack the space can utilize the box program instead. Material should be placed into the lined gaylord without any original packing. To schedule a pick-up, contact us. Please note: gaylord kits are shipped via tractor-trailer and are roughly a 4’ by 8’ footprint on a single skid. Gaylords, liners, and lids are provided; however, the skids needed for return are not provided.



If you need help determining the best program for you, please call 855-453-2784 for assistance.

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Printer Recycling Overview

There are currently sixteen States, one county, one Federal District, and one US Territory that have promulgated electronic recycling regulation for printers.  The States are Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey [see https://www.state.nj.us/dep/dshw/ewaste/index.html], North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Washington State, and Wisconsin.  The one county is Santa Clara County in California.  The US Territory is Puerto Rico and the Federal District is the District of Columbia (DC).