Toshiba FAQ

I ordered my box kit. How long before I receive it?

All orders should be received in 7 to 10 business days.

How big are the boxes?
Can I get more than one box?
How many items fit into a box?
What types of items can be recycled through the program?
Can I get a single label?
Can I pass the boxes out to other locations within my company?
Can you send supplies to a PO Box?
How do I get the boxes picked up?
Do you accept other brands of cartridges?
Where is the label located on the box?
I was advised I have reached my limit for supplies. Why can’t I order more?
I lost my instruction sheet. Where can I find another one?
Can I send returns to the program with a different carrier?
What happens to the cartridges when I return them for recycling?
Who is Close the Loop?
I have lost the liners. What should I do?
I have questions that are not answered here.
How do I sign up for the recycling return program?
I return a high volume of cartridges and would like to return on a pallet, can I do this?
I would like to purchase products such as a bench, pens or rulers. Can I receive more information?
Why is it necessary for me to identify my dealer?